wall in my heart.

9 04 2010

Do not try to destroy the wall of my mind.

I felt fear.

I closed myself for a long time. In fact, the fear was repeating itself.

I also asked to think out loud silk.
Not be a long time.
But that does not have just one reason that the fear

Maybe I would not be suitable to anyone.
Because the truth. The love that I have found it cruel pain.

I’m only people with ulcers.
Not letting go of the stick.
Never see never know that. One world view is how
But that is what I choose and I have good health.
I wrote about a world that I created.
I was not thinking of someone.
Or I feel that I built a wall that was destroyed because it is my turn to go see the world with her.

And he is the same as others who used to come, but why do I fear the coming of him










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